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Aiyos 2019 summer trip
Publish:Aiyos Technology Co., Ltd  Time:2019-08-12

It is more and more like our the tradition of our company that we travel together in August.
So as well in 2019 year.We all enter the bus which leads us to a 2-days trip.
Yungumanwu Inn was the first stop of our trip,which located in a quiet country of Qiniang
Moutain Foot.After a wonderful lunch,we went to the local recreation center,
where we enjoyed fun games and tried some High-altitude challenge.

At night,barbecue and beer was waiting us. In hot summer,was anything better than iced beer and baebecue?
In the second day,the most exciting part of the trip was coming.We played karting,Live CS and went to the nan-ao island!
In these these two-days-trip,we actually were being close to each other.And it forced team partners to deal
with the challenges of physical and psychological barriers to get self-breakthrough.


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